Culture Rules

In this Stage you will get to watch some videos from NEXT 2023, the Chick-fil-A Operators conference. You will hear stories from Leaders and see how they’ve shaped the way they serve. 

Our hope is that elements of the culture that these Leaders have created will inspire and influence you to lead in our business working in conjunction with these values. We hope to use these tools moving forward to lead our team as we serve our guests in big ways that impact beyond the property lines of our restaurant. 

Quick and easy steps for completing this Stage of the LAUNCHPAD

Watch the "Go Bananas" Video

Start by watching the ‘Go Bananas’ Video and then answer a few questions.


Complete the Questionnaire

After completing the video, answer a few questions.


Watch the "Adapting Culture" Video

Follow up by watching the ‘Adapting Culture’ Video and answer a few more questions.


Schedule a Meeting with Brent Potter
Set up a short meeting with Brent Potter before moving on to the next stage.

After you are done you will set up a meeting with Brent Potter to conclude your LAUNCHPAD experience and set your leadership journey at Chick-fil-A Branson up for success.


Finished? Well Done!

You've completed all the Stages of the LAUNCHPAD!