Fundraising & Donations

Chick-fil-A® Chicken Sandwiches, Spicy Sandwiches, and Chicken Biscuits are a great fundraising option for any organization! Sandwiches/biscuits can be purchased and resold at pricing that is determined by Chick-fil-A Branson and the partner organization.

Sandwiches/biscuits would be transported in a temperature managed bag (this is not optional as per Chick-fil-A® quality assurance) and would need to be sold within 90 minutes of the sandwiches leaving the store. Please ensure the quantity of sandwiches/biscuits ordered will be able to be sold within the allotted 90 minute time period as there are no refunds for unsold product.

Orders should be placed with plenty of advanced notice to ensure Chick-fil-A Branson is able to appropriately staff for proper execution. At the pre-determined time of pickup or delivery, sandwiches/biscuits will need to be paid in full.

Disclaimers: Chicken biscuits are available only during breakfast hours 6:30-10:30am. No products should ever be resold without the approval of Chick-fil-A Branson.

Chocolate Chunk Cookies can be pre-purchased for resell with a special message (“gram”) attached. Chick-fil-A Branson is able to supply the message labels (if needed), but your organization would be responsible for writing the “gram” on the cookie. Cookies would be purchased by the partner organization from Chick-fil-A Branson at certain baseline price and sold at a higher price. Pricing (both baseline and resell) will be determined between Chick-fil-A Branson and the organization.

Pre-orders will need to take place by the organization at least ace 1 week prior to the date of distribution. The total number of cookies would need to be submitted to Chick-fil-A Branson the Monday following the conclusion of the Cookie Gram Sale. The cookies would need to be paid in full on the prearranged date of pickup/delivery. Chick-fil-A Branson will take care of the cooking and wrapping of all cookies and the partner organization will be responsible for attaching all notes and distributing the cookies.

Please keep in mind that any leftover cookies cannot be returned. Cookies must be distributed on the day of pickup per the Chick-fil-A® quality assurance.

Partnering with Chick-fil-A Branson to host a Spirit Night is one of the most popular ways to raise money. We host 2 Spirit Nights a month from 5-7pm on Tuesday evenings. During these hours, Chick-fil-A Branson will donate 10% of the subtotal of collected receipts to your organization. To ensure those proceeds are collected properly, we will ask guests to place their register receipts in one of the designated containers after they have placed their order(s). These receipts will then be collected, totaled, and the 10% portion given back to you in a check form at a later date.

Chick-fil-A Branson will post informational flyers at our location one week in advance to advertise your fundraising event as well as email promotional materials to your designated representative. To ensure the most profitable Spirit Night, we highly recommend that you print and distribute flyers, send emails, and/or share your upcoming event on social media. You have the ability to influence the size of our donation based on the amount of guests associated with your group who choose to eat Chick-fil-A on your designated Spirit Night.

We ask that a representative from your organization is present for the entirety of the Spirit Night.

Many requests come in for items to be donated for silent auctions. We have the ability to put together several different types auction items such as sandwich and/or meal cards, catering items, or Chick-fil-A® branded items.

Many organizations express a need with helping to feed groups of people while executing service projects around Branson or as a way of honoring non-profit groups. Food donation requests are encouraged to be submitted as early as possible as they are executed on a limited, first come first serve basis.

We love to give back by investing in our community. Please complete the request form below and we will review it for consideration.

Please allow two weeks for us to process your request.

For additional information, please contact our team at (417) 334-2723